Handgun Book

“Carrying A Handgun For Self-Defense In Tennessee”

Carrying a Handgun for Self-Defense in Tennessee (3rd Edition) was written by John Harris, who is one of the founding members of the Tennessee Firearms Association.  In this book he addresses issues which should concern anyone who has a permit to carry a handgun in Tennessee. It covers the criminal statutes which define where handguns cannot be carried (e.g., judicial proceedings, schools, etc.) even with a handgun carry permit. It also covers the sentences that could be imposed if a person is convicted of carrying a handgun in a place where it is illegal to carry a handgun.

In addition to the “thou shall not’s” of carrying a handgun, the book also addresses the concept of excusable homicide – the statutory phrase for the justifiable use of deadly force in self defense. The book discusses when and why a person may resort to deadly force.

The book generally discusses the potential criminal and civil liabilities that persons who carry handguns should consider. It also discusses what you should do if you are involved in a shooting.

The book does not address how to get a permit because, hopefully, that issue was sufficiently clarified by the changes to the law in 1994, 1996 and 1997. Contact the Tennessee Department of Safety or your local driver’s training station for additional detail on how to apply for a carry permit or obtain a renewal.

The book is available through various retail sources and also the Book at Tennessee Firearms Association to which Mr. Harris provides the book to promote its mission.