Our broad range of practice allows us to provide a variety of services that are intended to assist businesses and business owners. If you need representation involving corporate or business issues please feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

Typical areas of service include the following:

Business formation and governance

  • pre-formation legal services;

  • formation and general representation of corporations, limited liability companies, family limited partnerships, limited partnerships; general partnerships, and joint ventures;

  • domestication of foreign corporations;

  • service as registered agent;

  • business winding down, termination or dissolution; and

  • business reinstatements following dissolution.


Business transactions

  • contract preparation and review;

  • business sales and acquisitions;

  • buy-sell agreements among shareholders, LLC members and partners;

  • lease preparation and review;

  • accounts receivable collection;

  • employer / employee contracts;

  • non-competition or non-disclosure agreements; and

  • other business related transactions.>/p>



  • general business litigation and defense;

  • employer / employee contract disputes;

  • non-competition agreements and litigation;

  • shareholder, officer or director liability or defense; and

  • judicial dissolutions.

Representation of corporate and business interests involve a wide variety of general legal services.  We can help you with your business needs.